The Soul Sister – Meditation & Healing Circle

An invitation to come on a journey of self-reflection, to reconnect with yourself & other like minded soul sisters.

Next Dates:

Stratford Upon Avon – In-Person:

Sunday 8th September 2024 – 5.00pm – 6.30pm

What is a Meditation & Healing Circle?

As women we don’t always get that time to really connect to ourselves and have a space that we can show up to that is brave, honest and gives you that inner peace you crave.

The soul sister meditation and healing circle will be a monthly opportunity to learn and help train your mind to be present in the moment, as well as an observer of your thoughts and emotions, meaning you have a choice on how to respond to whatever life throws at you.

This is perfect for women who want to improve their mental health and find balance, relaxation and time for themselves in their busy lives.

This is a unique event as the visualisations and journeys are infused with reiki healing through my voice & sound.  I channel the energy through these to you, as well as allowing you to understand the power of your own energy to feel shifts, find inner renewal & understand more about yourself.

The June Circle is about finding our identity & ourselves again- a journey of self-discovery.

Sometimes we just feel like we need to find ourselves and our identity again and feel a little lost, it’s something that a lot of women feel when we have been through challenging times and periods of change.

The truth is YOU are still YOU and you have always been you, and you are safe being you! It’s just that the masks we have to wear can be deceiving and make us into versions of ourselves and it can happen so subtly you don’t even realise it…..we all do it every day as a parent, friend, partner, work colleague – bringing a different version of you to each role you play, until something changes and you have to suddenly really look at yourself.

Through visualisation and meditation, we are going to journey into our body to see you and the lost parts we had forgotten about ourselves. This will be a chance to embrace the current version of ourselves, grieve past versions, remove the parts we don’t associate with anymore, heal, and create the next version of ourselves and know that this is okay to do so.

We look at our solar plexus energy centre and what needs clearing to feel more like ourselves again, to transform, regain our personal power and understand our sense of identity and confidence. 💛

A chance to relax, reconnect and heal.

Be guided by meditation and visualisation to cleanse your emotions and release the weight of the past and invite in the transformational energy of the moon to help us understand how we can find that deep inner security. As we journey together to connect with ourselves and remove the emotional blocks that are no longer serving us, we look to understand how we can have more self-love, slow down and listen to our soul truth to live a more fulfilled life feeling renewed, connected, and full of clarity and purpose.

What to expect:

Powerful guided mediation & visualisations for understanding what finding yourself means to you & heal our emotions around past versions of ourselves as well as calling on our inner wisdom to embrace the next version of ourselves.
– Reiki energy healing to cleanse out old energies.
– Personally understand your energetic blocks & how to continue clearing these at home, focusing on the heart energy centre.
– A ritual to release & journal your intentions.
– Reconnection & relaxation.
– Inspirational oracle card pull.

As women, we are warriors of life and when we come together as soul sisters this helps us to find our voice, set intention, acknowledge our emotion, and move back into our feminine flow. When we allow ourselves to be in the present moment and come back to self-love, we come back to the true essence of who we are.

This is an opportunity to:

– Give yourself the space to breathe and relax.
– Build on your feminine strength and intuition.
– Create connection & community in a safe environment.
– Reconnect to yourself and who you are.
– Experience a sense of renewed and empowered energy

No previous experience is needed.



The benefits of mindfulness, meditation & healing are:

  • A deep state of relaxation.
  • A healthy sense of perspective.
  • Reducing negative emotions – fear, anxiety, stress, burnout…
  • Focusing on present – rather than past or future.
  • Ability to observe thoughts without judgement – creating a better understanding of patterns & self.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Emotional wellbeing.

Join us and discover the transformative power of meditation and mindfulness in a supportive and empowering environment.

Whether you’re seeking guidance, relaxation, or simply looking for some self-care, The Soul Sister Circle welcomes you with open arms. Come as you are and leave feeling inspired, empowered, and connected.  No previous experience is needed.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Soul Sister Circle. 

Soul is the place where the real you lies. It is the place you can go to when your inner critic and ego quietens down and you can feel rather than think.

You  feel connected and alive and return to a place of love and gratitude.

Let Me Introduce Myself……

Hi, I am Joanne! I have been telling stories my whole life in my corporate marketing career, some of them true, others built up for the spin of the business…that’s marketing!!! One day it hit me that I wanted to be more authentic.  As part of these stories I have met some amazing colleagues and friends and have had the privilege to be part of their journey of self-development and self-reflection – looking to better themselves through life’s challenges.  This has meant I have got to listen to their stories, everybody has one and as I have witnessed these and they feel heard it can be transformational.

I want women to be heard, to be authentic and to gather as equal sisters to heal and re-connect. I have seen first hand how the corporate world and the busy lives we all lead doesn’t always allow for this to happen. 

 We must wear masks, hide what we are sometimes feeling, not wanting to show our emotion, worried what people will think if we aren’t okay. 

We may meet with friends and family, but we don’t always tell them fully what we are really feeling, maybe through fear of judgement.  This means we keep these emotions trapped inside or push them away thinking that they will go away and will pass.

Throughout my journey I have faced many challenges that have left me searching for my true identity, and authentic self. That’s why I wanted to gather women and create a space of self-reflection, healing and re-connection.

I am a Seer, a visionary this is my place in the circle as I facilitate this journey for you to help you see your vision, connect back to your soul and heart space and leave feeling empowered.

I look forward to welcoming you to a Soul Sister Circle very soon.

With Love & Gratitude,
Joanne x

“Sometimes we can’t supress our emotions any longer and need to reconnect, shift our perception internally and address our shadows. We must stop hiding from who we really are in case it’s not what the world wants to see and live in our own power.”

The Power Of The Sister Circle….

No matter what we bring with us to this space it will be held, and the expression and acknowledgement of emotion should not be feared, it is not negative it is part of us being human!  We need to regulate our emotions through expression and in an ever-busy world we don’t always have the place, space, or time to be able to feel these emotions as we strive for more and navigate life.  Sometimes we don’t feel that our expression is not worthy or me may be judged.

The circle is a place for re-connection and to gain clarity & purpose, enabling you to shift identities and come back to a place of love within yourself and your heart space.

The magical thing is that when our emotions and stories are expressed and acknowledged in a brave intentional space.  This may be just through speaking one word, writing down the emotion or just acknowledged by attending the space in the first place, it can neurologically and energetically change us. 

Even more powerful is when we hear other people say the same thing or hear someone else’s story that we truly resonate with, we develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. Stories help us understand our values that make up who we are and teach us to understand what makes us happy, joyful, sad, angry or fearful.

Future Soul Sister Meditation & Healing Circle Dates:

Sunday 8th September – 5.00pm-6.30pm


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What Should I Bring WITH ME?

Cushions are provided, we will be seated on the floor and lying down at some points, so please feel free to bring any additional blankets, a yoga mat, eye mask or cushions to ensure you are comfortable.

Chairs are available if more comfortable.

What Should I Wear?

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and maybe layers in case you get hot during the evening.  You will remove your shoes.

Will Refreshments be provided?

Please bring water with you, but this will also be available along with a selection of herbal teas if required. 

How early should I arrive?

I ask that you arrive no more than fifteen minutes before the circle just to allow yourself time to get settled in, have a toilet break or a quick chat prior to our prompt start of 5pm.

Is there parking at the venue?

There are four spaces at the front of the building and these are on a first come, first served basis.

The nearest parking is off the Market Square/Rother Street, adjacent to the Hotel du Vin, CV37 6LA . Approximate cost is £2 for 2 hours. This is a 2 minute walk to the venue. 

What if I am running late or cannot now attend?

Unfortunately I cannot allow late comers to enter due to the disruption this causes.  I know this may be disappointing, but I have to be fair to everyone and their experience.

If you find that you are going to be late or cannot attend please let me know on – 07859 731707 andI will happily move your booking onto another event date.

Maybe it’s just the universes way of letting you know it wasn’t for you that evening!

I allow for one move to a different available event date within a three month period. The event is otherwide non-refundable.

Are their any restrictions for attending the circle?

As much as I would love this to be accessible for everyone there are some precautions and it may be unsuitable for pregnancy, people who suffer from seizures, tinnitus, or those who suffer from severe mental health, but if you’re not sure please do get in touch and I will be happy to answer any questions and discuss suitability for you.