Ways To Work With Me

Intuitive Reiki Energy Healing

Intuitive Reiki Energy Healing that will rebalance your mind, body & soul to create a sense of relaxation & healing.

By supporting the body’s natural defence system this gentle energy healing encourages relaxation and brings balance to the mind, body and spirit by inducing a sense of mindfulness and calm.

A non-contact treatment – ‘feeling’ this beautiful energy of healing really is believing & will leave you in state of deep calm! A hour of Reiki is the equivalent of 3-4 hours of deep rest!

Awakened Heart Trauma Healing Therapy

Transformational coaching that will empower you to reconnect within yourself for lasting change.

It’s time to take your power back – heal, rewire the way you think & reframe your emotions for the life you know you could be living.

This is for anyone that has a desire to transform their life and break free from where they are now & knows that change starts with them.

It is breakthrough coaching, therapy & healing that is personalised to you & will support you to become a more fulfilled version of yourself.  This is a mix of all of the therapies I offer, to achieve the results you desire.

Awakened V.I.P Breakthrough Healing Day

An intensive 1:1 retreat lfe coaching day, where the focus is on you and your healing journey.  Empowering  you to reconnect within yourself for lasting change.

Sometimes we can’t supress our emotions any longer and need to reconnect, shift our perception internally and address our shadows. We must stop hiding from who we really are in case it’s not what the world wants to see and live in our own power. 

The amount of energy that’s expended in maintaining old beliefs, emotions, conflicts, unhelpful values and thereby manifesting low self-confidence, low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, depression, lack of results or even burn out – it is huge!

Now imagine all that negative energy being released and re-balanced in one day, by reconnecting within yourself and finding that inner peace to now move forward to live a more fulfilled life.

Time Line Therapy®

When you understand how your brain stores & filters information, you get to understand how your memories are affecting you emotions & behaviours & gain some clarity in your life. 

Have you ever reacted in a way that seemed over the top?  Maybe smells, words, people or even songs have triggered you? Have eating habits, anxities or unhealthy realtionships caused emotions you cannot get on top of?

Time Line Therapy®  gets straight to the root cause of what is disempowering you and emotionally releases old negative emotions and limiting beliefs from the past & puts new empowering thoughts & beliefs in the future so that you can be rid of anxieties & be in control of your thoughts, emotions, feelings & your success! 

Chakra Energy Balancing & Coaching

Our chakra system is a connected energy system that is related to, and connected with, different parts of the body, all of which perform a wide variety of both spiritual and physical functions.

Each one represents an age or period in our life and within that negative emotions are stored within each one as well as within our cellular memory. These then subconciously become who we are, which is not necessarily who we were destined to be. 

By working 1:1 through each chakra over a 7-week period with supported workbooks and meditations we work through each period in your life, healing and alchemising the negative emotions and trauma.

This is a game changer, & healing on a quantum level, so let me intuitively guide you through your chakras to alchemise what is stopping you achieving the life you truly deserve.

Inner Peace Meditation Session – For Anxiety & Stress Release 

Meditation is amazing for quietening your mind and accesses the same brain state as when you are asleep.

It allows you to breathe more freely and start to shut down your concious brain that is constantly talking to you and access the answers and the inner peace you truly desire. You will instantly feel a release and access a state of relaxation. We also look at affirmations that will support you in all areas in your life after our session together.

This is a deeply relaxing and healing session.

This 1 hour session can be in-person or online.  I am also able to provide customised meditations for anxiety, stress and insomnia on request.

Quantum Healing

Quantum Holographic Echo Healing (QHEH), is a revolutionary root cause emotional energy healing therapy.

Your body has all the data it needs to heal, by accessing the memory & changing your perception the healing takes place in the mind, body and cellular level. We store all past trauma & events in the computer that is our brain & body.  We are not always consciously aware we have done this, but if not resolved dis-ease can take place & we can become fragmented & feel soul loss.

Intuitvely I tap into your energy field & subconscious mind to take you on a journey into what is currently holding you back & needing to be healed & rebalanced.


Joanne’s ability to release emotional tension and negativity is astounding. The result is beyond explanation, but suffice to say I have been converted.

The therapy sessions bought up so many deep rooted beliefs & anxities – some I knew, others I never even realised!  The healing was amazing & a safe place to be guided back to feeling me again.

Thank you Joanne for the reiki treatment. I feel more balanced and grounded now.

Why Work With Me?

I have been where you are now, I felt lost, not worthy, unlovable and that everything happened to me, not for me.  

Throughout my journey I have faced many challenges that have left me searching for my true identity, and authentic self.

I looked for everything materialistic outside of myself to feel short-term satisfaction – a successful corporate career, nice car, house…….everyone thought I had the dream life!  On the outside I did, on the inside I was far from fulfilled or happy.  I had locked away my emotions and found myself hitting repeat on sabotaging patterns and scared to show my vulnerability and emotions. I thought that was how life was, I just  needed to live with that feeling and carry on and be grateful for what I had.


One day I hit burnout, both mentally and physically, I couldn’t continue to feel the emptiness and needed to be true to myself.  I also knew that if was I was to sustain meaningful relationships I needed to start  with the relationship with myself and stop waiting for external gratification that ‘I am enough’, stop living in victim consciousness and show up as who I am not who I thought everyone wanted me to be.  It  was time to really go internally to learn who I was and how my past has shaped me, value who I am, heal my past and truly feel me again to start living authentically and feeling aligned with life again.

 I tried many traditional therapies on my journey, which made significant but temporary changes, but I needed something deeper.

This is why I formed The Zen Academy, I wanted to bring together everything I have learnt and  continue to learn in one coaching and therapy package.  I have stood where you are now, and I want to take you on that journey to really reconnect within yourself, be guided back to you true self and awaken who you really are to create a strategy for success! 

My mantra now, is that we all have wisdom in our wounds…these are the things that have challenged us, teach us who we really are and where we take our life lessons, strengths and values from. When we curiously look at what these are, and conciously start our healing journey we can transform and remove the blocks that are in our way to success. 

Whether you feel like you aren’t as far along in life as you thought you would be, have what is considered the ‘dream life’ but still searching for happiness, or know there is something emotionally playing out in your life that you are ignoring – I encourage you to take a deeper look and embrace a journey of healing and understanding yourself, as it will be the best investment you have ever made!



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